A luxurious villa in the Western Rhodopes.
Welcome to Villa Vuchev!
The mineral pool is just for you.
Reduce tiredness, restore your ordinary tone.
in the fireplace, a cozy company...
The heat of the fire, the sound of the crackling wood
Weekends are designed to indulge the temptations, are not they?
The perfect evening- a cozy feeling of warmth and peace
Relax and start dreaming….
Life is far more than few shades of gray.
Append some colour to your life.
Come visit us in Velingrad!
You may also enjoy this fascinating view.

Give yourself the holiday you deserve

Come and take a rest for a few unforgettable days! Feel Special

This is the best place for your holiday

Enjoy a glass of wine and gourmet specialties in the cool garden

Come and visit a truly magical place

Relax around the mineral pool after a long walk 
in the mountains

Our luxurious holiday tours

‘Bulgaria is a beautiful country, with majestic mountains, sandy beaches, picturesque villages, good food, and hospitable people’ – Ellis Shuman, written for The Huffington Post

It is difficult be listed all the places where you can go to Bulgaria to relax or entertain. To help you imagine this stay we ……

“To take wine into our mouths is to savour a droplet of the river of human history” Clifton Fadiman